Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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Sydney Hickert Soars at Shealy Pole Vault Camp

High-flying Sydney Hickert is following the lofty trajectory of Maggie Steele.

High-flying Sydney Hickert soared at Rusty Shealy Pole Vault Camp.

COLUMBIA, SC – Sydney Hickert was soaring with Maggie at Rusty Shealy Pole Vault Camp this past week.

Hickert, of Summerville, S.C., jumped at the opportunity to claim a discounted camp spot, which was offered as a major perk by Shealy Athletics to support Maggie’s Audiobook Campaign.

Sydney and her fellow campers had loads of fun at Rusty Shealy Pole Vault Camp.

Maggie Award Winner Sydney Hickert had loads of fun at Shealy PV Camp.

Sydney helped put the campaign over the top, and to honor her contribution, Shealy Athletics received a giant Maggie banner, and she and her fellow campers received copies of the novel as Maggie Awards. Continue reading