Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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Kennesaw State’s Vaulters Love ‘Maggie!’


Kennesaw State University’s pole-vaulters, shown from left: Michael Owenby, Shawna Lehman, Jacy Robertson, Lauren Wilson, and Matt Morris. The squad is coached by Robbie Robertson. Maggie says, “Go Owls! Go!”

Maggie was delighted to receive an awesome photo from the Kennesaw State University Pole-Vaulting Squad!

Kennesaw_State_Athletics_Primary_LogoLocated in Kennesaw, Georgia, Kennesaw State is one of the strongest track and field teams in the South, competing in the Atlantic Sun Conference.

According to Owls’ Coach Robbie Robertson, his vaulters loved seeing their awesome sport highlighted in the new teen novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon by Grant Overstake. Robertson also coaches the Georgia Pole Vault Club. Continue reading

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‘Maggie’ Named an ‘Inspirational Pick’ by Midwest Book Review!

We were delighted to see Maggie Vaults Over the Moon receive the following endorsement from Midwest Book Review:

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon“When someone tells you that you can’t do something, it’s human nature to try to do it anyway. Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is an inspirational tale following Maggie as she enters the sport of pole vaulting, and is constantly told that she can’t pull off certain heights. Driven to prove them wrong, and with the backing of her loved ones, she succeeds beyond her wildest dreams. Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is an inspirational pick for young adult fiction collections.”

Midwest Book Review is an organization which maintains several book review publications. Established in 1976, the organization’s Editor-in-Chief is James A. Cox. Midwest Book Review produces several book review publications per month, with a goal of encouraging small press and increasing literacy. The organization has a focus on serving community and academic library organizations located in California, Wisconsin, and the upper Midwest.

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Do You Feel Yourself Soaring With Maggie? Science Explains Why

Kansas High School State Champion Taylor Marie Swanson felt herself soaring again reading "Maggie Vaults Over the Moon."

Kansas High School State Champion Taylor Marie Swanson felt herself soaring to a gold medal again reading “Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.”

If you feel yourself taking flight with heroine Maggie Steele as she pole-vaults over the moon, don’t be surprised.

Many readers of the new teen novel Maggie Vaults Over the Moon have actually felt the physical sensation of vaulting higher and higher — and a new study explains why.

According to the article, “Your Brain on Fiction”, something amazing happens to our brain when we simply read about fictional characters doing exciting and dramatic things. Our brain responds like we’re really doing those things ourselves. The study shows that when Maggie takes flight, readers do, too.

Maggie Vaults Over the MoonWriting for The New York Times, Annie Murphy Paul reports that, while many people today are fixated with digital devices and spending most of their free time on Facebook or Twitter, new evidence shows we could all benefit from putting away our smart phones and reading good fiction.

According to the story, scientists have come to realize that, to the brain, a fictional account can seem even more real than the real world: Continue reading

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Master’s All-Americans Like ‘Maggie Vaults Over the Moon’


Master’s Track and Field All-Americans Ken and Joann Ellis, of Edmund, Oklahoma take a break from the pole-vault competition to pose with their favorite story about their favorite sport. Ken and Joann won several events at the Bill Butterworth Indoor Master’s Track and Field Meet held Saturday, Jan. 26th, at Wichita State University. They are longtime master’s track and field friends and age-group competitors of author Grant Overstake and his wife, Claire. “Go Team Ellis!”

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Kansas Librarian Foresees a ‘Maggie’ Movie!

Pass the popcorn!

A rural Kansas librarian and book reviewer predicts that Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is destined to become a movie.

“Forget Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” writes Stef Arbuckle, “I foresee the film industry picking up this book for a screenplay.”

Maggie Vaults Over the MoonAuthor Grant Overstake says, Why not?

This story about a brave and beautiful girl who overcomes hardship to find her dreams is the stuff movies are made of.

Arbuckle is the Public Library Director in Weir, Kansas, and reviewer for the Galena Sentinel-Times, the official newspaper of the City of Galena, City of Weir, USD #499, USD #404, and USD #247, in Cherokee County. The town of Weir  (Pop. 679) is about the same size as fictional Grain Valley in the new teen sports novel by Grant Overstake. Weir is even located in the Southeast corner of the state, where the story is set. Continue reading

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‘Maggie’ Author Supports Funding for Student Activities in Kansas Schools

KSHSAA Presentation

Author Grant Overstake, right, presents a copy of the teen sports novel, ‘Maggie Vaults Over the Moon’ to Mark Lentz, Assistant Executive Director of the Kansas State High School Activities Association. The story features the Kansas State Track and Field Championships, the largest track meet in the nation.

WICHITA, Kan. (Feb. 25) — Award-winning journalist and author Grant Overstake used his moment in the spotlight today to defend the value of extra-curricular activities as “an essential ingredient” for student success during a presentation to the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA).

Locked in the ongoing budget battle in Topeka, school board officials and administrators in Kansas are feeling increasing pressure to eliminate even KSHAALOGOmore sports and activities from their schools. But the author said these activities deserve funding because they are fundamental for future success.

“I could go on and on about how KSHSAA programs helped me achieve more personally than I could ever have achieved without them,” said Overstake, a Wichita resident and graduate of Wichita Heights High School.

Overstake spoke before about 250 attendees of the United School Administrators of Kansas 42nd Annual Convention at the Hyatt Eagle Ballroom in downtown Wichita. He presented a copy of his new teen sports novel,  Maggie Vaults Over the Moon, to KSHSAA Assistant Director Mark Lentz. Continue reading

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‘Maggie’ a ‘Sweet’ Teen Gift from Older ‘Influential’ Readers


While the young adult sports novel Maggie Vaults Over the Moon has gotten plenty of great reviews from middle school and high school readers, the newly-released book has received just as many, if not more, rave reviews from older readers, who’ve soared over many, many, moons themselves.

It may come as a surprise that so many grownups are reading Maggie for their own enjoyment, but a recent study shows that today’s YA (young adult) novels are attracting more older readers than teen readers to the “young adult” bookshelves overall.

Maggie Vaults Over the MoonThe study, by Bowker’s, titled, Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer in the Digital Age, revealed, “that 84% of YA [young adult] books are being purchased by consumers 18 or older… The second-largest demographic was age 30-44; within that segment… fully 80% of respondents reported ‘they bought the book for themselves.'” Continue reading