Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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WSU Campers Earn ‘Maggie Awards’ from Shocker Track Club

Shocker Pole Vault Campers from left,

Shocker Pole Vault Campers and staff, from left, WSU vaulter Kaylee Eklund; Jake Hansford, Kansas City; Naomi Bader, Douglass; Jesi Reichenberger, Wichita; Leaf Howell, Potwin; Jacob Visser, Wichita; and WSU vaulter Amanda Gardner. Back row, WSU vaulter Eathan Pearson and Shocker Vault Coach Pat Wilson.

With clear skies, scorching heat, and a blast furnace for a tailwind, conditions were almost perfect for the gutsy athletes who attended the second Shocker Pole Vault Camp of the summer, July 12-14, at Cessna Stadium on the campus of Wichita State University.

Register Here for Shocker Track Camp (.pdf)Instead of being a negative, the 100-degree temps simply provided more fuel for this hot group of vaulters. Many of them set new personal records at the camp, thanks to expert instruction from Shocker Pole Vault Coach, Pat Wilson, and his current and former collegiate vaulters. Continue reading

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Shocker Track Club Inspires Wichita State Campers with Maggie!

Shocker Pole Vault Campers received copies of 'Maggie Award' courtesy of The Shocker Track Club. From left, Tyler Loontjer, Brittany Kallenberger, Calley Watters, Stormie Fuentes, and Ryan Miller. The campers received stellar instruction from Wichita State University Coach Pat Wilson, featured in 'Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.'

Shocker Pole Vault Campers from left, Tyler Loontjer, Geneva, Neb.; Brittany Kallenberger, Lee’s Summit, Mo.; Calley Watters, Arkansas City, Kan.; Stormie Fuentes, Bushland, Texas; and Ryan Milner, Clearwater, Kan. The camp was led by Coach Pat Wilson, above. A second camp will be held July 12-14 in Wichita, Kan.

WICHITA, Kan. — Cessna Stadium has seen many thrilling pole-vault moments.

Three-time Olympian Earl Bell set a world record here in 1976, and college and high school athletes routinely soar to new heights at the stadium, site of the fabled Kansas State High School Track and Field Championships.

Register Here for Shocker Track Camp (.pdf)

Click here to register for the July Camp!

But ask any of these successful vaulters and they’ll tell you that clearing the crossbar in front of thousands of cheering spectators doesn’t just happen. Whether you’re a real pole vaulter or a fictional vaulter like Maggie Steele in the novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon, it takes lots of self-motivation, determination, and great coaching to wow the Cessna Stadium crowd. Continue reading