Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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Maggie Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Olympic Greats and Future Greats at Doctoberfest 2013!


Bell Athletics’ Kayla Caldwell won the female division of Doctoberfest 2013.

JAMESTOWN, Kan. — Storybook pole-vaulter Maggie Steele celebrated her first anniversary in the company of a former world-record holder, Olympians, and Olympic hopefuls at Doctoberfest 2013 on Saturday, Oct. 5th.

The eighth annual event at the Tailwind Pole Vault Club featured many high-flying professional, collegiate, and high school athletes who rocketed toward the rafters in this converted basketball gym, which now is considered a kind of Field of Dreams for pole-vaulting here in the northernmost part of the central Kansas prairie.

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Doctoberfest was an opportunity for Tailwind Pole Vault Club members to watch, dream, and soar.

Doctoberfest was an opportunity for Tailwind members to watch, dream, and soar.

Among nearly 60 athletes who charged down the rubberized runway Saturday, the biggest thrills were provided by the youngest vaulters, future greats such as Kendall Reynolds and Zoe Bechard, a pair of 10-year-olds from nearby Concordia, Kan., who reminded everyone in attendance that having lots of fun is what vaulting at Tailwind is all about. Continue reading