Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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G’Day Mate! ‘Maggie’ Vaults Down Under!

Pole-vault crazy Australia, home of Olympic champion Steve Hooker, the inspiring sports novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.

‘Maggie’ is on sale now in Australia, home of Beijing Olympic champ Steve Hooker.

GRAIN VALLEY, Kan. — Folks around here are still searching for the right words to express how thrilled they are that Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is on sale now at Australia’s premier online bookseller, Angus & Robertson.


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“Gee-whiz, I mean, Crikey!” said author Grant Overstake, before stifling himself. “I’ve probably offended half the country, so I’ll stop pretending I know how to speak Strine, which I obviously don’t.

“But I do know that I’m delighted that Maggie’s now reaching one of the world’s greatest countries for pole-vaulting. In fact, they even have a pole-vault postage stamp!”

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon tells the story of Maggie Steele, a gutsy Kansas farm girl who overcomes tragedy and soars to new heights as a pole-vaulter. The novel has been endorsed by US Olympic vaulters and others around the world who identify with the book’s inspiring message for young people.

“So many Australian youngsters are passionate about vaulting, especially girls,” Overstake added. “I can’t wait for them to know that Maggie has arrived in their country.”

Vaulting is very popular in Australia for girls like Maggie!

Vaulting is very popular in Australia for girls like Maggie!

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