Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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New Teen Sports Novel Captures Life On Kansas Family Farm

The new teen sports novel “Maggie Vaults Over the Moon” vividly depicts the challenges and joys of a girl living on a family farm in rural Kansas.

WICHITA, Kan. — A former rural newspaper editor and sports writer has drawn upon his coverage of sporting events and country life to create a new teen sports novel, which is harvesting praise for its realistic view of life on a Kansas family farm.

Author Grant Overstake says his years spent as a journalist embedded in Kansas wheat country helped him create a vivid setting for the story,  Maggie Vaults Over the Moon, in which a high school senior named Maggie Steele struggles with the same difficult decision faced by many of today’s rural teens — pursue the life of her dreams or stay home to save the multigenerational family farm.

 “As the only surviving child, Maggie has many factors to consider about a possible future on the farm,” Overstake said. “Of course, readers will have to read the story to follow her journey of self-discovery, and to see which path she chooses to take.”HighResFrontCover

As editor of the Hillsboro Star-Journal, Overstake was a two-time winner of the Kansas Farm Bureau’s Golden Wheat Award for excellence in agriculture writing. The author places his story near the fictional town of Grain Valley, Kan., which, in real life, could be anyplace where sports still matter and the grain elevator is the busiest place in town, especially at harvest time.

The new book, released in mid-October, has already earned several five-star reviews from readers on, including one that reads, “Getting to know Maggie Steele, her family, and the whole warm and caring community of Grain Valley was a pure delight…” Continue reading