Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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More Praise for Maggie Storyteller Tavia Gilbert!

MaggieWheatleyDreamHow did you spend your summer vacation?

A huge highlight for Margaret (Maggie) Wheatley was her dream visit to Grain Valley, Kansas. The South Florida resident traveled there by listening to Maggie Vaults Over the Moon on audio book performed by voice actress Tavia Gilbert.

Tavia Gilbert

‘Maggie’ narrator Tavia Gilbert.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is already one of my forever-favorite books,” she said, “but being able to listen to the story brought back all the wonderful emotions of being read to when I was a child.”

“Tavia Gilbert is wonderful!” Maggie added. “It felt like I was actually living the story or experiencing it in a vivid dream.”

A narrator known for her talent and passionate professionalism, Tavia Gilbert has voiced more than 300 titles, garnering the industry’s highest honors, including six Audie nominations and an assortment of Earphones Awards. She has received fabulous reviews for her performance of Maggie Vaults Over the Moon. Continue reading

‘Maggie’ Lifts Real-Life Maggie Over the Moon

Margaret (Maggie) Wheatley, practicing her plant on a bamboo shoot at Zoo Miami, soared to new heights this season.

Maggie Wheatley, practicing her plant on a bamboo shoot at Zoo Miami, Florida, soared to new heights this past season for the SF Heat Track Club.

Aspiring pole-vaulter Margaret (Maggie) Wheatley discovered Maggie Vaults Over the Moon last summer. She was so inspired by the story, she stayed up all night to read it in one sitting, posting tweets about it on Twitter, and then she wrote a great review.

Wheatley tasted victory this season following the example of her storybook idol, Maggie Steele.

Maggie tasted victory this season by following the example of her storybook idol.

Wheatley, 16, will be a high school junior. She lives in Weston, Florida, where she is home schooled and competes for the SF Heat Track Club.

Author Grant Overstake says, “Maggie Wheatley is funny, bright, athletic, artistic, courageous, and wonderful. She has a passion for pole vaulting and her faith gives her the strength and zeal to overcome all obstacles. I’m happy to know that there’s a real-life Maggie in this world, and that she’s truly a great young woman.”

We caught up with her recently and she was excited to let us know how Maggie Steele, the heroine in the novel, continues to inspire her.

We think you’ll be inspired by the real-life Maggie, too.

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‘Maggie’ is a Sunny Summer Read!

'Maggie Vaults Over the Moon' is an inspiring poolside read for mid-grade to adults.

‘Maggie Vaults Over the Moon’ is a sunny summer read for mid-grade to adults.

Looking for a sunny summer read?

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon lets the sunshine in.MackenzieAD

The young adult novel about a courageous farm girl, Maggie Steele, who overcomes tragedy and rises to new heights as a pole-vaulter, has brightened the hearts of readers young and old.

Margaret Wheatley, 16, of Florida calls Maggie, “That one in a thousand books you will carry with you forever.”

Taylor Millsap, 14, of Illinois adds, “I’ve probably read it more than 20 times. I will never get tired of reading it over and over, again and again.”

Sports Writer Christine Brennan of USA TODAY, writes, “Girls who play sports and the coaches and families who support them will thoroughly enjoy this warm, uplifting story.”

Thanks to Maggie's newest friend, Jolene Frook, for a 5-Star Review on Goodreads!

Thanks to Maggie’s newest friend, Jolene Frook, for a 5-Star Review on Goodreads!

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Contest Winner Maggie Wheatley is Maggie’s New Best Friend!

Maggie Tweeted her love for ‘Maggie’ to her friends.

Maggie Wheatley vaulted with ‘Maggie’ through the night and Tweeted to her friends.

Maggie Wheatley, 15, of Weston, Fla., was having such an awesome experience reading Maggie Vaults Over the Moon, that she just had to Tweet about it, and Tweet! about it, and Tweet!-Tweet!-Tweet! about it:

Maggie Wheatley

Maggie Wheatley loves ‘Maggie’

“New book and it’s so good!” “I just spent the last 5 hours reading and I only have 10 chapters left.” “There’s a code among vaulters, they help each other.” “I just bawled at the end!” “I love it when you read that 1 out of a 1,000 books that you will carry with you forever.” “I just finished this book and absolutely loved it. Maggie makes the shelf!”

As heroine Maggie Steele was capturing Maggie Wheatley’s heart, her enthusiastic Tweets captured the heart of the book’s author, Grant Overstake. “It was exciting to see her enthusiasm growing and growing, all the way to the end of the story. It was a win-win experience,” he said.


Maggie Wheatley pole-vaults for the South Florida Heat track program.

Wheatley, our Book Review Contest Winner for July, wins a Maggie Vaults Over the Moon tee-shirt, and Maggie wins a new best friend!

In addition to her Tweets, Maggie submitted this review:

Three words came to mind as I was traveling black-inked roads of this story — Bravery, Love, and Family — and that is all you need to know. I can’t say anything more to make you want to read it, because anything I say cannot measure up to the overwhelming emotion I felt reading this book. It makes you feel as if the experiences Maggie Steele has are happening to you, in the flesh. When I say I couldn’t put the book down, I proved it by staying up until 5 a.m., reading through the night, or, should I say, pole-vaulting through the night. When your eyes read the words, your heart feels the movement. I would recommend this book to any vaulter, teenager, sibling, parent, and anyone who thrives for greatness. I conclude with, Once you read it, you will never be the same. And one day, you might vault over the moon. – Maggie Wheatley, Weston, Florida

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