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‘Wannabe Distance God’ a Must-Read for Track and Field Fans

'I wanted to be a distance god. There. I said it. I would've broken out of the lead pack and surged away... merciless, alone, almost floating. The field would've strung out and withered behind me as I burned and buried the best runners on the face of the planet. I would've been immortal. Was that to much to ask?" -- From "Wannabe Distance God" by Timothy M. Tays, PhD.

“I wanted to be a distance god. There. I said it. I would’ve broken out of the lead pack and surged away…. I would’ve been immortal. Was that too much to ask?” — From “Wannabe Distance God” by Timothy M. Tays, PhD.

From Grant Overstake, Author of Maggie Vaults Over the Moon:

“I’ve just finished reading a great new sports book about track and field titled, Wannabe Distance God: The Thirst, Angst, and Passion of Running in the Chase Pack. This memoir by Timothy M. Tays, PhD, is a thoughtful and entertaining must-read for all track and field fans from high school to adults, and I’m eager to recommend it to you.

Timothy M. Tays, PhD

Timothy M. Tays, PhD

Even if you’re a pole-vaulter who can’t bear the thought of running past the runway, believe me, this book will help you get better. The passion and dedication required to be a great pole-vaulter and a great distance runner are exactly the same. Current athletes will learn what it takes to be successful, and former athletes could get even more out of this book, which helped me put my sports career in a healthier perspective, long after my glory days have ended. Continue reading