Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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‘Maggie’ Brings Home Readers with Rural Roots

"Maggie" vividly depicts the challenges and joys of a teen on a Kansas family farm.

“Maggie” vividly depicts the challenges and joys of a teen on a Kansas family farm.

A former rural newspaper editor has created a teen novel that’s harvesting praise from readers of all ages for its realistic view of life on a family farm.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is a perfect gift idea for anyone with rural roots. It’s vivid and realistic scenes bring readers back home.


A great gift for folks with rural roots.

Years spent as a journalist embedded in Kansas wheat country helped Grant Overstake create a vivid setting for the story,  in which a high school senior named Maggie Steele struggles to overcome a family tragedy and is confronted by a decision faced by many  rural teens: Stay home and save the family farm or pursue the life of her dreams?

Overstake, the former editor of the small-town Hillsboro (Kansas) Star-Journal, places the story near the fictional town of Grain Valley, Kan., which, in real life, could be anyplace where the grain elevator is the busiest place in town, especially at harvest time. Continue reading


Awesome Review! Former Kansas Boy Comes Home to Maggie’s Farm

“Maggie Vaults over the Moon” instantly transported me back to my childhood..." -- Former Kansas farm boy and avid track and field fan, John Rinkenbaugh.

“Maggie’ instantly transported me back to my childhood…” writes former Kansas boy, John Rinkenbaugh.

Longtime television producer John Rinkenbaugh has spent his entire adult life looking for and producing great stories all over the nation. He finally found a story that transported him back to his childhood — Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.

“This is one of the best reviews ever written about Maggie,” said author Grant Overstake. “I am honored that he wrote this and posted it on his blog.”


Read John’s Bio Continue reading