Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

Coach Dial Inspires Hannah to Soar

Hannah Melton receives her copy of 'Maggie Vaults Over the Moon' after her personal coaching session with Joe Dial at the Dial Athletics Facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Following a donation by Edward Seese to Maggie’s Audiobook Campaign, Hannah Melton was selected to receive a two-hour coaching session with Coach Joe Dial at the Dial Athletics facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Under the expert coaching of Joe Dial, Hannah Melton learns the correct way to hold and carry the pole, an important but often overlooked detail for success in the sport.

Under expert coaching from Joe Dial, promising pole-vaulter Hannah Melton learned the proper way to hold and carry the pole, which is vitally important to her future success in the sport.

Hannah Melton is on her way up!

The first year pole-vaulter at Berryhill (Oklahoma) Middle School has a personal best of 7-feet, 6-inches; just won her 7th grade conference track meet; and recently experienced an inspiring two-hour coaching session with legendary Coach Joe Dial at the Dial Athletics facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

After some first-stage flight adjustments from one of the best coaches in the world, all systems are GO! for Melton to follow the trajectory of Maggie Steele, the heroic storybook vaulter in Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.

In the novel by Grant Overstake, Maggie gets a boost by some “out of this world” coaching. The story is endorsed by Coach Dial and his wife, Shawna, for its inspirational message for young people.

“It’s a great family book, promoting the sport we love!” Joe said.

With help from sponsors like Dial Athletics and donors like Edward Seese, the novel soon will be made into an audiobook by award-winning narrator, Tavia Gilbert, lifting the sport of pole-vaulting to a new audience.
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[CLAIMED!] Audiobook Campaign Perk: A Private Pole-Vault Session With Coach Joe Dial!

Coach Joe Dial

Coach Joe Dial

Note: Thanks to Eddie Seese for his awesome contribution to Maggie’s Audiobook Campaign! Because of Eddie’s generosity, some deserving vaulter will be selected by Coach Joe Dial to receive two hours of private instruction at the Dial Athletics facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What a great blessing! Thanks, Eddie! You rock! Learn more:

TULSA, Oklahoma — Pole-vaulting icon and coach of champions, JOE DIAL is offering an inspiring two-hour coaching session for a $150 pledge to Maggie’s Audiobook Campaign! Great gift idea! Learn more:



Phillip Carrero Captures the Art of Vaulting in Painting of American Legend Joe Dial


Australian Phillip Carrero’s giant oil on canvas captures Joe Dial soaring 18-8 in 1986, one of the most memorable vaults in the American legend’s illustrious career.

By Grant Overstake

[Reprinted from the March 2014 Issue of VAULTER MAGAZINE]

For more than forty years, Australian master painter Phillip Carrero has meticulously captured the likenesses of public figures, military heroes, and outstanding athletes, whose images are on display at the Olympics Athletic Centre in Sydney. 

The stunning oil on canvas by Phillip Carrero is presented to American legend Joe Dial as a surprise birthday gift at costume pole-vault fund-raiser for the ORU track program. The crowd cheered as Shawna and Joe posed with two of their three children, Tyler, at left, and Tommy.

The painting was a birthday gift presented at a fund-raiser for the ORU track program. Shawna and Joe posed with two of their three children, Tyler, at left, and Tommy.

Over and above all, however, the artist from Down Under is on top of the world when painting the graceful athletes who soar in one of the world’s most beautiful and artistic sports — pole-vaulting.

Carrero’s dual passions are manifested in his most recent work, a stunning image of American legend Joe Dial, one of the world’s all-time great vaulters.

Dial, who was the first high school pole-vaulter to clear 18 feet, and the first college pole-vaulter to clear 19 feet, is the first US vaulter to have his career captured by the world’s greatest painter of pole-vaulters.

CarreroMaggieBackgroundNameIn the painting, the former world-record holder is shown clearing the bar at an indoor meet held at the Myriad Convention Center in Oklahoma City in 1986 with an American flag as a backdrop.

Because it was his first painting of an American pole-vaulter, Carrero was compelled to do his best work. “I was acutely aware I had been asked to do a painting of an American icon and really wanted to produce something as good as the subject was,” he said.

The artwork was commissioned as a surprise 51st birthday gift by Joe’s wife, Shawna.

“The biggest meaning of this painting is that everything I’m passionate about comes together in it: painting, pole-vaulting and Jesus,” added Carrero, who like the Dials, is a Christian.

For the past twenty seasons,Joe has been the head coach of the Oral Roberts University Cross Country and Track & Field programs, presiding over the most successful era in Golden Eagle history. His wife Shawna is an assistant coach at ORU. 

Just as Dial will always remember soaring over 18-8, Carrero will never forget the artistic thrill of turning a grainy photo into a stunning work of art, which was a towering feat in itself.

Carrero relied on grainy photos and details from Shawna and others to create a stunning work of art.

The painting on canvas was unrolled in October, 2013, at Vaultober, a costume pole-vault fund-raiser for the program. The crowd cheered as Shawna and Coach Dial, decked in camouflage, posed with two of their three children, Tyler and Tommy. The teary-eyed legend was overwhelmed.

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Inspiring Video! ‘Visions of the Vault’ Captures Joe Dial’s Awesome Journey ‘Over the Moon’

The recently released home video, “Visions of the Vault” by Joe and Shawna Dial is one of the most inspiring movies of a pole-vaulter’s journey to greatness ever produced.

The video chronicles how a courageous youngster (whom others said was too-short and too-skinny to amount to much of anything) became a great success in pole-vaulting and in life.

The 23-minute montage of home movie clips and personal commentary chronicles Dial’s upward journey as a boy from Marlow, Oklahoma, to become the first high school vaulter in the world to clear the astronomical height of 18 feet! Continue reading