Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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Maggie Sees You Soaring Even Higher in 2013!

Greetings from Grain Valley, Kansas!

Maggie Vaults Over the MoonIt’s waaay below freezing today up here in the barn loft, so I’ve been doing pole-vault drills from a short approach, which is about all I can accomplish in all these layers of sweat clothes. As I pause to warm my hands under the heat lamp I rigged up here last winter, I want to wish you all a fabulous New Year, filled with lots of brave and daring accomplishments. So many wonderful things have happened since my story was published just two months ago, I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring. I know there are many exciting new chapters to be written in your lives as well.

Now that I can feel my fingers again, I can get back to vaulting. Standing on the runway, waiting for the new year to begin, I’m “Knowing the Highest and Best” for you and me and everyone. I can see you soaring over every crossbar and overcoming every challenge. I can see all of us, over the moon!

Happy New Year — Maggie Steele