Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

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Just in time for your high school season, pole vault guru Shawn Francis has created a new training program specifically for you — including new workouts and a training schedule to help you peak at the big meets like conference and state!

And for a limited time, subscribers to the Team Hoot vlog on YouTube get a 15 percent discount on the workout program, free Team Hoot swag, and a free copy of the novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon. Click here now to subscribe to Team Hoot and get with the program!

If you’re not watching Shawn Francis’s Team Hoot video blog on YouTube, you are missing out! This No. 1 pole-vault channel has 3,300 subscribers and 230,187 views!

As a professional, Shawn Francis was among the best vaulters in the nation. As coach and teacher, he is one of the most highly sought after coaches and educators in the sport, while running his totally awesome Team Hoot Pole Vault channel on YouTube. As of today, the vlog has more than 3,000 subscribers, and 230,187 views!

Intended for high school coaches and athletes, Shawn’s new program models the successful program he used to become an elite vaulter and coach, using many of the same circuits. If you want to be fast and jump high, this is the program for you!

The High School program looks like this:

*5 days a week

*30 pages including:

*Running workouts and weights

*Different circuits

*Tips on recovery, sports psychology and nutrition

* And, 7 different videos on different warm-ups, general strength circuits, recovery circuits, mobility circuits, and plyo circuits.

It’s all fine-tuned to help you reach peak performance. Long story short, it works!


Shawn Francis is an expert on the pole-vault, including physical training for the sport.

Super important for prep vaulters are Shawn’s tips on how to manage your training around meet days and how to adjust to multiple meets in a single week. Everything is designed with your highest and best performances in mind!

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But wait! There’s more!

An inspiring story, Maggie is endorsed by Olympic vaulters, coaches, and the KSHSAA.

The first 8 people to order the Team Hoot High School Training Program will get a free copy of the inspiring young adult novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon by Grant Overstake. Here’s what Shawn had to say about the novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.

Endorsed by Olympic athletes and coaches, this story will inspire you to reach your highest and best this season. And, Shawn will send you some gnarly Team Hoot swag while supplies last!

Author Grant Overstake says, “I’m thrilled to be included to promote this offer for Shawn Francis’s Team Hoot High School Training Program. He’s one of the brightest leaders in our sport, and if you’re not watching his Team Hoot video blog on YouTube, you are missing out!”

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