Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

Share Your Memories! Win a Free Audiobook! Celebrate Five Years of ‘Maggie Vaults Over the Moon’

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Maggie Vaults Over the Moon has inspired future champions around the world since its debut on 10-11-12.

It’s time to celebrate!

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon made its worldwide debut five years ago on this date, October 11th, 2012. Half a decade later, gritty heroine Maggie Steele still inspires young adult readers to soar ever higher in sports and in life. In fact, the story has been listed as a 2017 “Too Cool” Back-to-School-Read for Teens by Bookworks and Publisher’s Weekly!

Forward this post to your local librarian and ask them to order Maggie today.

Help Us Celebrate!

We invite you to help us celebrate Maggie’s big day by adding your thoughts and memories in the comment section below. Share about the first time you read the book. Or tell us how Maggie inspired you to overcome obstacles in sports and in life. What did you like best about the story? Would you like to read a sequel or see the book become a movie? We’d really like to know!

But wait, there’s more!

Win a free audiobook!

We’re also giving away a free audiobook version of the story, read by Tavia Gilbert, the 2017 Audie Award Narrator of the Year. To be eligible for the drawing, just enter your email address below. You don’t want to miss getting the latest news, because there are big things coming for Maggie, and we mean BIG! So sign up, and stay tuned.

There are many young teens who’ve never experienced the story that has inspired others to soar. Our goal is to get Maggie to as many new readers as possible, and we offer substantial bulk discounts (10 copies or more). If you would like to have Maggie visit your club or street vault event, and are willing to share photos with us, let us know through the contact form below.


Maggie says, “See you over the moon!”


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