Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

Reviews: Aspiring Vaulter, Mom, Relish Road Trips with ‘Maggie’ on Audio by Tavia Gilbert

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Aspiring pole vaulter Katie Wright and her mom Jennifer savored their travel time by listening to ‘Maggie Vaults Over the Moon’ on audio book.

There’s a 40-minute, 31-mile stretch of Kentucky highway between Katie Wright’s home in Prospect and her pole-vault practices at Fuzion Athletics in Shelbyville, but the round trips were over waaay too soon for Katie and her mom Jennifer as they listened to Tavia Gilbert perform their favorite story on audio book, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.

'Maggie' narrator Tavia Gilbert

‘Maggie’ narrator Tavia Gilbert

“Gilbert’s narration really drew us into the story and characters!” Jennifer writes in her review. “Often times we would stay in the car a few more minutes just to continue listening to the story!”

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon by Grant Overstake is the story of a gritty Kansas farm girl, Maggie Steele, who overcomes tragedy and soars to new heights as a pole-vaulter.

The story is brought to life by Tavia Gilbert, who has voiced more than 300 titles, garnering the industry’s highest honors, including six Audie nominations and an assortment of Earphones Awards.

Now add the Wright’s to the growing list of great reviews for Gilbert’s performance.

Katie, a 7th grader at North Oldham Middle School in Goshen, is the 13-year-old daughter of Ron and Jennifer Wright. With her gritty, can-do attitude, Katie has improved from a beginner to 8-feet, 2-inches in just four months!

To say pole-vaulting is in Katie’s blood is an understatement. She vaults anywhere and anyplace she can! This summer, she traveled to the La Crosse River Vault in Wisconsin, setting a “new world record” as the very first vaulter to ever clear a bar on a Mississippi River barge. This past weekend, she vaulted on the roof of a building at the Brit’s Pub Vault in downtown Minneapolis.

Maggie is available for sale to vaulters in Shelbyville, where Katie and her mom discovered the story. Since then, the Wrights and Maggie have become inseparable. In a remarkable tribute, Katie recently brought her copy of Maggie to school, displaying the novel as one of the five artifacts that describe and define her life!

Maggie is a very inspirational book,” Katie writes. “It encouraged me to keep pole vaulting even if I am having a hard time. The author does a really good job giving details about the character and what she is going through.

“In the audio book, the speaker does an amazing job at making up different voices for different characters instead of just sounding like a robot the whole time. Overall, this book inspired me to work hard and even when times get rough, you can’t give up!”

Jennifer added a mother’s point-of-view: “Since my daughter was very little one my favorite parenting memories is reading to her. Now that she’s thirteen, she doesn’t need me to read to her anymore. We still love to share books together but sometimes struggle to find the time. We discovered on the long drive to practice how great it is to listen to an audio book together.”

It was a poignant experience, she added, listening to Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.

“While we loved the happy ending, we were sad that the story ended and we no longer shared part of our day with Maggie together.”

To which we say, thanks Mom and Katie for the great reviews. Cherish the journey as Katie makes her dreams come true, over the moon.

About Fuzion Athletics

fuzionlogowithborderFuzion Athletics is an independent track and field club, specializing in pole vault training for high school, college, and elite vaulters. It has two vault facilities: one in Shelbyville, Kentucky, which serves the Bluegrass region around Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky as well as the southern parts of Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia and Ohio. Its Minnesota club serves Minnesota, the Dakotas and Wisconsin.

Last year alone, Fuzion vaulters set one all-time state record, two state class records, won three state championships, earned four state runner-ups, 25 state medals, and 40 state qualifiers. An amazing 16 Fuzion vaulters have gone on to vault at college!

Get the Audio Book

SoarWithMaggieOnAudiobook Maggie Vaults Over the Moon on audio is available at,, Amazon and many other sites. CD/Library versions of the audio book are available at

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Western Express Pole Vault Club celebrates a great season with Maggie Awards.

The Western Express Pole Vault Club celebrates a great season with Maggie Awards.

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