Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

Help a Youth Soar with a ‘Maggie Steele Camp Scholarship Award’

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TaviaforBlogHeaderScholarshipAwardWithout the timely support of a few key members of her caring community, storybook pole-vaulter Maggie Steele would never have vaulted over the moon.


Maggie Steele Camp Scholarship Awards will be presented to youth with the courage of pole-vaulting’s favorite storybook heroine.

But because the right people stepped up at just the right time, the gutsy farm girl from Grain Valley, Kansas soared to amazing heights and became a shining example of courage and perseverance for young people everywhere.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is the story of one determined teenager’s triumph over gravity whose life was changed by people who cared. Now you can help a worthy youngster soar with a “Maggie Steele Camp Scholarship Award” presented in your honor for a gift ranging from $200 to $400 to Maggie’s Audiobook Campaign.

“This is a remarkable opportunity for a bighearted person to make a real difference at just the right time in a young person’s life,” said author Grant Overstake. “I know there are grown ups out there who remember that one person who gave them a boost just when they needed it. This is a chance to repay that act of kindness.”

Since it was published 14 months ago, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon has been embraced by the worldwide pole-vault community. Maggie’s determined struggle to overcome tragedy and hardship is a compelling quest that everyone can relate to, especially pole-vaulters.

Raise the Bar Pole Vault Club in Reno, Nevada, is a sponsoring camp for the Maggie Steele Scholarship Award.

Raise the Bar Pole Vault Club in Reno is a sponsoring camp for the Maggie Steele Scholarship Award.

Her story has been endorsed by Olympians and coaches have purchased copies of the book for motivational awards. Teachers, counselors and psychologists praise the novel for its positive message in dealing with the real issues of overcoming grief and finding purpose in life.

The biggest news of all, however, is that acclaimed narrator Tavia Gilbert has discovered Maggie and is eager to perform her story. Tavia’s impressive list of accolades includes more than 250 audiobooks and six Audie Award nominations (the audiobook equivalent of the Academy Award).

“Inspiring stories have an impact,” Gilbert says, “and I’m honored to be a partner in the effort to bring this heartfelt story to new audiences.”

Tavia will narrate, produce and distribute the audiobook for only $3,000, which is a modest fee for a talent in high demand. To help cover Tavia’s expenses, the author started a “crowdfunding campaign” on March 1st which will last until March 31st. At the halfway point, the campaign has raised $1,820, about 61 percent of its target.

Texas Pole Vault at EliteSportz is a sponsoring club for The Maggie Steele Camp Scholarship Award.

Texas Pole Vault at EliteSportz is one of several sponsoring clubs for “The Maggie Steele Camp Scholarship Award.”

Maggie Steele Camp Scholarship Awards will be presented at sponsoring camps around the country, including Texas Pole Vault at EliteSports (Fort Worth, Texas); Raise the Bar Pole Vault Club (Reno, Nevada); Rusty Shealy Pole Vault Club (Charleston, South Carolina); and Fuzion Athletics (St. Paul, Minnesota, and Shelbyville, Kentucky).

These scholarships will be awarded by camp coaches to “A courageous girl or boy who has demonstrated a Maggie Steele-like willingness to persevere through life circumstances, and a burning desire to achieve their dreams, both on and off the vault runway.”

Your contribution will make a huge difference in the life of a worthy youngster and make it possible for the audiobook to be created, lifting the story and our sport to a new level. In other words, you can do something truly remarkable!

TexasPoleVaultMaggieAdWithBorderYou can make your gift directly to the campaign site. Just select a camp scholarship box on the right side of the page and click to make your pledge. Of course, you can provide as many scholarships as your heart desires. And, yes, you can provide a scholarship for someone you know and admire.

If you would like to be named publicly as a scholarship provider, that would be great. If you live in proximity to one of the camps and would like to present the award in person, we’ll make it happen. Tavia also would  be delighted to add “Major funding was provided by (you)”  in the acknowledgements of the audiobook, like they do on PBS programs. But, if you would prefer to do your good deed and remain anonymous, that would be great, too.

Thank you in advance for making a difference!

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