Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

Everyone Jumps Higher at Tailwind Pole Vault Camps!

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Everyone jumps higher at Tailwind Pole Vault Camps!

Even without their poles, everyone jumps higher at the always fun and inspiring Tailwind Pole Vault Camps.

Just as sure as temperatures will skyrocket on the Kansas prairie this summer, vaulters will leap to new heights at Tailwind Pole Vault Club Summer Camps.

Tailwind Pole Vault Club founder and coach Mark (Doc) Breault.

Tailwind Pole Vault Club Coach Mark (Doc) Breault.

In fact, tiny Jamestown, Kansas should change its name to PR City, because more than 90 percent of all vaulters soar to Personal Records in the cool, shady indoor facility at Tailwind Pole Vault Camps.

“There’s something magical about the atmosphere at Tailwind Pole Vault Club,” says author Grant Overstake. “The coaching is positive, the athletes are positive, and the results are amazing. It’s the kind of place that vaulters travel thousands of miles to come to and never want to leave.”

Many vaulters attend multiple summer camp sessions at Tailwind.

Many vaulters attend multiple camp sessions at Tailwind.

Tailwind founder and Coach Mark (Doc) Breault has put more than 160 pole-vaulters on the award’s stand at the Kansas State High School Track and Field Championships. Last year alone, Tailwind vaulters brought home 22 medals from the State Meet!

So many vaulters, from beginners to pros, have soared to new heights under Doc Breault’s coaching, it’s better for you to check out his website to see for yourself!

TailwindCampScheduleTailwind Camps (with meals and snacks) will be held on multiple dates from June through August. Follow-up sessions are free.

Tailwind provided Overstake with the inspiration to write the sports novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon. In fact, the novel is dedicated to the girls and boys at Tailwind.

Naturally, the Coach Breault was eager to sponsor the campaign to help narrator Tavia Gilbert perform and produce Maggie Vaults Over the Moon on audiobook, pledging a two-day camp spot to the effort.

Congratulations to Tyler Cone for snagging the Tailwind Pole Vault Club Summer Camp slot! Highest and Best, Tyler and Ken! You Rock! Congratulations to Tyler Cone of Phoenix,  Arizona for snagging the Tailwind camp slot. Because of his generous donation, Tyler will be named as a co-producer in the introduction of the audiobook. And he and his fellow campers will enjoy a “Maggie Awards” and will appear on Maggie’s blog and Facebook sites.


Maggie on audiobook will lift the sport of pole-vaulting to a new audience. There are rewards still available for those who donate from sponsors: Artist Phillip Carrero, Dial Athletics, Fuzion Athletics, Gill Athletics, Raise the Bar Pole Vault Camp,  Rusty Shealy Pole Vault ClubTexas Pole Vault Club at Elitz Sports, and Vaulter Magazine.

Here is the link to the campaign site.


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