'Maggie Vaults Over the Moon'

[CLAIMED!] Audiobook Campaign: Get a Pole-Vault Session with Coach Joe Dial!

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Former world-record holder and coach of champions, Joe Dial, supports Maggie's Audiobook Campaign. Credit: Tulsa People.com

Former world-record holder and coach of champions, Joe Dial, supports Maggie’s Campaign. Credit: TulsaPeople.com

TULSA, Oklahoma — American sports icon Joe Dial is offering an inspiring one-on-one pole-vault session to a fan who contributes $150 to Maggie’s Audiobook Campaign! The two-hour session will be held at the Dial Athletics facility in Tulsa.

Here is the link to the campaign site.

Coach Dial is eager to help narrator Tavia Gilbert perform and produce Maggie Vaults Over the Moon on audiobook. The campaign will cover Tavia’s expenses, and lift the sport of pole-vaulting to a new audience.

In addition to a session with Coach Dial, the athlete will receive the audiobook download and appear on Maggie’s popular blog and Facebook sites.

Coach Joe Dial

Coach Joe Dial. (TulsaPeople.com)

An American sports icon, Joe Dial was the first high school vaulter in history to clear 18 feet, and the first college vaulter to clear 19 feet. From beginner to elite, this former world-record holder has helped countless vaulters improve by leaps and bounds.

Additional sponsors for the 30-day event include: Artist Phillip CarreroFuzion Athletics, Gill Athletics, Raise the Bar Pole Vault Club, Rusty Shealy Pole Vault Club, Tailwind Pole Vault Club, Texas Pole Vault Club at Elitz Sports and Vaulter Magazine.

Read more about Coach Dial in this article reprinted from Vaulter Magazine.


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