Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

London’s Calling Maggie to Vault London 2014!

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London-Bus-nemonic-comLondon’s calling Maggie Steele to appear at one of Europe’s premier pole-vaulting events — Vault London 2014!

VaultLondon2014The world’s most inspiring storybook vaulter will be an honored guest on Sunday, Jan. 12th, at The David Weir Leisure in Carshalton, Surrey. Copies of the young adult novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon will be awarded to top finishers.

The invitation to attend came from Allan Williams, Senior Coach at The London Pole Vault Academy.

“I am VERY happy to invite Maggie to the party!” Williams said.

“Maggie is VERY happy to accept the invitation!’ author Grant Overstake replied. “Of all the great things that have happened to her, this is one of the best.”

VaultBritianSeriesVault London is part of the inaugural Vault Britain Series, which consists of three indoor competitions: Vault London, Vault Cardiff and Vault Manchester. Prize money (1st – £100, 2nd – £75, 3rd – £50) will be awarded to the top Senior Men, Senior Women, U20 Men and U20 Women, to vaulters who  compete in at least two of the three competitions.


The greatest vaulters in Great Britain have been invited to Vault London 2014, to be held Sunday, Jan. 12th, at The David Weir Leisure in Carshalton, Surrey. Copies of “Maggie” will be awarded at the event.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is the story Maggie Steele, a gutsy Kansas farm girl who overcomes hardships and soars to new heights as a pole-vaulter. Her inspiring story has been endorsed by US Olympic vaulters, school counselors, teachers, and many top coaches — including Williams.

Former Olympic champion Allan Williams, center, is the founder and coach of the famous London Pole Vault Academy.

Allan Williams, center, is the founder and coach of London Pole Vault Academy.

With a caption reading, Grant Overstake's brilliant pole vaulting novel inspires Allan Williams and Sue Yeomans to Gold medal winning performances at The World Masters Championships in Porto Alegre, Brazil, he posted this wonderful photo on his Facebook page.

Williams and Sue Yeomans at the World Masters Championships.

Williams, who won the 1988 Seoul Olympics, is still among the worlds greatest master’s pole-vaulters, and one of the greatest coaches in the sport. His support for the novel has helped promote the story around the world, inspiring vaulters of all ages.

After winning the World Masters Track and Field Championships, in Porto Alegre, Brazil in October, Williams and fellow gold medal vaulter, Sue Yeomans posted a photo with a caption reading, “Grant Overstake’s brilliant pole vaulting novel inspires Allan Williams and Sue Yeomans to Gold medal winning performances at The World Masters Championships.”


London has a rich athletic history.

London has a rich history in track and field, which is properly called athletics there. It hosted the Summer Olympics three times: in 1908, 1948, and 2012. London was chosen in July 2005 to host the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, making it the first city to host the modern Games three times. London was also the host of the British Empire Games in 1934. London will host the 2017 World Championships in Athletics.

London is a hotbed for pole-vaulting, especially at the London Pole Vault Academy. Sergey Bubka, six-time World Champion pole-vaulter and Olympic gold medalist, is a major patron of the London Pole Vault Academy, playing an active role in developing the sport in the region. Sergey still holds the current outdoor world record of 6.14 meters set in 1994 and the current indoor world record of 6.15 meters set in 1993.


Maggie’s moon shines over London.

In addition to the pole-vault competition, Maggie is looking forward to seeing some of the sites of London, including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. London is also home to numerous museums, galleries, libraries,  and other cultural institutions, including the British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, British Library and 40 West End theatres.

Overstake would love to be there in person, but Maggie is making the 4,400-mile trip by herself. She will be surrounded by some 800 pole-vaulting enthusiasts who’ve been invited to share in the excitement of Vault London 2014.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon is available in paperback or eBook and can be purchased through in the United KingdomGermany, SpainFrance, and Italy. Maggie also is available at Australia’s premier online bookseller, Angus & Robertson, and at hundreds of local independent US booksellers near you.

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What's this, Maggie's cover on a London billboard?! Thanks to Books and Life's digital magician Gary Walker for making Maggie's day! Jolly good one, mate!

In advance of her visit, Maggie’s cover appears to appear on a London billboard thanks to digital magician, Gary Walker.

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