'Maggie Vaults Over the Moon'

Maggie Enjoys a Surprise Birthday Vault at Watermark Books


'Maggie Vaults Over the Moon' has become a consistent best-seller at Watermark Books.

‘Maggie’ has become a consistent best-seller at Watermark Books.

WICHITA, Kan. — Storybook heroine Maggie Steele celebrated her publishing birthday by vaulting back onto the best-seller list Watermark Books & Cafe, the region’s No. 1 bookstore.

Author Grant Overstake

Author Grant Overstake

The young adult novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon features a gutsy Kansas farm girl who overcomes tragedy and soars to new heights as a pole-vaulter.

The book has been a best-seller several times in the past at Watermark, but this week’s appearance was extra special, because it coincides with the first year anniversary date of the novel.

“It was such an awesome birthday present to see Maggie on the list again,” said author Grant Overstake. “It’s really rewarding for to consider just how far she’s come in the past year.”

Since it was published last October, Maggie has been endorsed by Olympians, school counselors, and teachers across the nation for its inspirational message for young people. The return to the best-seller list follows a recent visit by the author to more than 80 fifth grade students at Griffith Elementary School in Wichita.

“Maggie made a big impact at Griffith because she’s a great model of perseverance and right thinking,” Overstake said. “She sets a great example for youngsters because she learns to overcome her fears, survive a tough family situation, and becomes a better person by never quitting on her dreams.

“It’s exciting to consider the positive impact she’s going to have as more educators discover her,” Overstake added. “We plan to have an exciting and busy time visiting schools and libraries over the next several months, and for years to come.”

Contact author Grant Overstake to book an author’s presentation at your school.


2 thoughts on “Maggie Enjoys a Surprise Birthday Vault at Watermark Books

  1. Happy anniversary, Maggie! A great novel that will become a classic.


  2. How great it is!…jean

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