Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

‘Maggie’ Vaults Into Wichita Public Schools!

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Maggie Vaults Over the Moon has vaulted onto the library bookshelves at Wichita Public Schools — a thrilling feat for author Grant Overstake, who was born and raised in “The Air Capital City.”

The new teen sports novel also can be found at the Wichita Public Library and in many private school libraries in the city.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon“I was really touched when I heard that school officials had read and endorsed Maggie’s story, and that my book was going to be available to so many students in my hometown,” said Overstake, who attended Buckner Elementary, Brooks Junior High, and Heights High School.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon retells the story of Maggie Steele, a gutsy farm girl from tiny Grain Valley, Kansas, who pours her broken heart into the daring and sometimes dangerous sport of pole-vaulting. The story climaxes at the Kansas State High School Track and Field Championships, held each May at Cessna Stadium on the campus of Wichita State University.

Kirkus Reviews calls Maggie, “An inspiring young adult novel about perseverance in sports and in life.” The book also has been endorsed by Olympic athletes, librarians, and educators because of its positive message for readers, from middle grades to adults.

“I read every single sports book I could get my hands on growing up,” said Overstake, who went on to run track at the University of Kansas; and to write about sports for The Wichita Eagle and The Miami Herald. “I know that Maggie is the kind of book I would’ve loved to find in my school library. I believe the story will inspire young people to reach for the highest and best, in sports and in life.”

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon can be purchased Online, and at Watermark Books and Cafe in Wichita.

One thought on “‘Maggie’ Vaults Into Wichita Public Schools!

  1. MAGGIE just grows and grows, just like the lovely Spring flowers…Jean

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