Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

‘Maggie’ Vaults to the Bookshelves of Kansas History

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Maggie Vaults Over the Moon has found a place on the bookshelves of Kansas history.

The Kansas-based teen sports novel has been placed among the Kansas Reference books in the Wulfmeyer Special Collections (Lower Floor) of the Wichita Public Library. The special permanent collection consists of books about Kansas, or books by Kansas authors, including both fiction and non-fiction.

home_researchersThe collection features books on pioneers and cowboys, Kansas trail and railroad development, aviation history, agricultural history, and other subjects that shaped Kansas.

And, now, the collection includes the inspiring story of a gutsy farm girl from Grain Valley, Kansas, who overcomes great difficulties through the daring sport of pole-vaulting.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon“So many joys have come to me as a result of writing Maggie Vaults Over the Moon, but this was one of the most unexpected,” said author Grant Overstake, who was asked to autograph the collection’s copy on Saturday, March 16th.

“Just to have Maggie on the shelves at the Wichita Public Library is a great honor, but to know that she’s also going to be part of the permanent section is mind-blowing. As a native Kansan, seeing Maggie on the shelves there was a surreal experience.”

As Overstake and his wife, Claire, toured the collection, he recalled the Kansas state motto: Ad Astra per Aspera, which means, “To the stars through difficulties.”

“Those who’ve read the story of Maggie Steele know what a special young woman she is, that she’s a wheat farmer’s daughter who soars to the stars through difficulties. In that sense, I think you could say that she has the same pioneer spirit that makes up Kansas history,” he added.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon can also be found on the shelves at Wichita’s premier bookseller, Watermark Books and Cafe.

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