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Inspiring Video! ‘Visions of the Vault’ Captures Joe Dial’s Awesome Journey ‘Over the Moon’

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The recently released home video, “Visions of the Vault” by Joe and Shawna Dial is one of the most inspiring movies of a pole-vaulter’s journey to greatness ever produced.

The video chronicles how a courageous youngster (whom others said was too-short and too-skinny to amount to much of anything) became a great success in pole-vaulting and in life.

The 23-minute montage of home movie clips and personal commentary chronicles Dial’s upward journey as a boy from Marlow, Oklahoma, to become the first high school vaulter in the world to clear the astronomical height of 18 feet!

That his awesome journey was captured on film is a tribute to his supportive family members, especially his father-coach. The grainy film clips from the 1970s and 80s give the video an epic quality, and Joe’s bits of commentary provide great insight into how his own passion for pole-vaulting lifted him ever higher, into sports history.

Anyone who doesn’t find themselves wiping away tears as the bar rises up and up, has never attempted to follow their dreams in anything.

Joe Dial, the first high school pole-vaulter in the world to clear 18 feet, has coached many pole-vaulters to greatness at Oral Roberts University.

Every young person, regardless of their sport, should watch and re-watch this video until they catch a dream for themselves.

Thanks Joe Dial, for sharing your remarkable journey with the world.

— Grant Overstake, Author of Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.

From Wikipedia:

Joe Dial (born 26 October 1962 in Marlow, Oklahoma) is a retired American pole vaulter, best known for winning the bronze medal at the 1989 World Indoor Championships in Budapest. His personal best was 5.96 metres, achieved in June 1987 in Norman, Oklahoma.

Since retiring from participation in the sport, Dial has turned to coaching. He’s been head coach of the men’s and women’s track and cross country programs at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1993. During his tenure at ORU he’s coached 20 All Americans and has turned ORU into a powerhouse in the Mid-Continent Conference.

In spite of his coaching a rival school, Dial is still a popular alum of Oklahoma State University, and was named to the OSU Hall of Fame in 2002. He and his wife Shawna, an assistant coach with Joe at ORU, have 3 children.

One thought on “Inspiring Video! ‘Visions of the Vault’ Captures Joe Dial’s Awesome Journey ‘Over the Moon’

  1. I just watched the Dial family’s video of Joe’s high-school pole vault. Thank goodness the Dials documented Joe’s rise. Great video.

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