Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

Win a ‘Maggie’ T-Shirt! What ‘Essential Ingredient’ Vaults Maggie Over the Moon?


HighResFrontCoverPole vaulters combine some of the best track and field qualities into one event. They require the leaping strength that any good jumper possesses, together with a gymnastic-like ability to control their bodies in the air. A successful vaulter generally has a sprinter’s speed, and must build that speed while carrying a long pole.

Finally, while pole vaulters don’t resemble discus throwers or shot putters – vaulters are typically tall and lean – pole vaulters require strong arms to control, plant and push off from the pole. In the beginning, therefore, coaches will look for well-coordinated athletes who can multitask athletically.

Beginning vaulters may then learn the event’s different aspects separately, but ultimately a successful vaulter must treat the event as one continuous maneuver, with each segment flowing smoothly into the next.


Win a Maggie T-shirt!

In the novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon, heroine Maggie Steele possesses all of these physical attributes, plus the essential mental ingredient or attribute necessary for success in the sport of pole-vaulting, and in life.

Do you know the essential ingredient?

The first person to post the best one-word answer wins a Maggie Vaults Over the Moon T-shirt!

(Enter your answer through the comments link, located at the top left of this post).

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8 thoughts on “Win a ‘Maggie’ T-Shirt! What ‘Essential Ingredient’ Vaults Maggie Over the Moon?

  1. Thanks, Carol! Good choice!


  2. Confidence


  3. Great Word! Thanks, Sage!


  4. Determination.


  5. Another outstanding one-word description of Maggie Steele. Thanks Rod!


  6. Heart


  7. Great word! Thanks Denis! You’re in the running!


  8. Fortitude


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