Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

Doc Bro’s Mom Likes ‘Maggie’

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Doc Bro’s Mom, Gertrude Breault

Dozens of pole-vaulters and scores of fans gathered Oct. 6 at the Sixth Annual Doctoberfest Celebration held at the Tailwind Pole Vault Club in Jamestown, Kan. One of the most enthusiastic supporters was Gertrude Breault, who said she was delighted that the inspiration for the new teen novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon, came to the author during a previous Doctoberfest celebration. Gertrude is the proud mother of Tailwind Pole Vault Coach Mark (Doc) Breault. She watched him learn to pole-vault in the backyard and then cheered him all the way to a Kansas State Championship for Concordia High School. She has also been there to cheer for every vaulter her son has ever coached.

Tailwind Coach Doc (Mark) Breault, below, is one of the best pole-vault coaches in the Midwest. He maintains a busy chiropractic practice and an awesome level of personal fitness. A coach who practices what he preaches, Gertude’s son is one of the best masters’ pole-vaulters in the nation.

Tailwind Pole Vault Coach Doc (Mark) Breault Vaults at the Kansas Sunflower State Games.

Doc (Mark) Breault vaults to a new short-run PR at Vaultstock in Jonesboro, Ark.

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